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Teaching about Kenya

In the past few months I have been privileged to be invited into a number of classrooms, ranging from grades 3-8 to discuss the topic of Kenya with a large number of students. While they have been learning about the topic of Kenya, I was invited to speak to the classes on additional information about Kenya, sharing my personal experiences in the country, and talking about the project and what other people can do to help. Two of my visits have also focused on the role that Canada plays in helping others in the world. The visits so far have been conducted through Skype, using this new technology to reach classrooms as far away as California. This technology enables me to reach a wide variety of classes anywhere in the world, and I am more than happy to share my experiences, knowledge and opinions both about the country and history of Kenya, as well as about the conflict (for the older classes). If you're interested in having me speak, then please be in touch!


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